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Laurimar Thunder Basketball Club

Clash Tops

Clash Tops are required when your team is playing another Thunder team or playing Northern Saints. If your team is playing another Thunder team, then the team listed first on the fixture is responsible to organise and wear the clash tops. For example, Thunder 12 (3) are playing Thunder 12 (4), Thunder 12 (3) are required to arrange and wear the clash tops because they are listed first on the fixture. 

The Team Manager is responsible for collecting and returning the Clash Tops. Our club is in the final transition season for all players to wear reversible singlets. Whilst most players have transitioned, there may be players in a team who do not have a reversible. The Team Manager is required to check if any players need a loan clash top to be issued from our Uniform Coordinator. 

Contact Kerrie Driver, Uniform Coordinator on 0410 262 610 to organise clash tops. Please give as much time as possible to arrange the tops and return promptly.