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Laurimar Thunder Basketball Club

Fill-In Player Policy

Occasionally a team may be short in numbers on game day due to:

  • Player injuries
  • Players having other commitments on game day
  • Low initial numbers to start with

The club needs to monitor the use of fill-in players to ensure:

  • Diamond Valley Basketball Association’s (DVBA) by-laws are abided
  • Fair and equitable play-time for core players on the team are met. 

If a team is short of numbers and requires a fill-in player, the Team Manager must contact their assigned Boys or Girls Coordinator to organise. Coordinators will select a fill-in player that complies with DVBA by-laws and Thunder guidelines. 

DVBA By-laws

  • A player must be a current registered Laurimar Thunder player
  • A player can play in their Natural Age Group and one Age Group higher
  • A player may only play in one team per Age Group per round, either as an Allocated Player or a Fill-in Player
  • A player is not permitted to play up more than one Age Group from their Natural Age Group
  • When a player is playing up an Age Group, they may play in Grades as follows:
    • Their Designated Grade.
    • A maximum of one Grade lower than their Designated Grade.
    • Any Grade higher than their Designated Grade.
  • A player may only play in one team per Age Group per round, either as an Allocated Player or a Fill-in Player.
  • A player may only fill-in for a team in an Age Group they are an Allocated Player in Grades higher than the team they are an Allocated Player.

Thunder Guidelines

  • A player shouldn’t take court time to the detriment of core players of the team
  • A player shouldn’t play to the detriment of his or her regular team
  • A player must make their regular team the priority over the team they may fill-in for.

Failure to abide by the Diamond Valley Basketball Association By-Laws will result in forfeiture of points and games and non-cover under DVBA insurance. If a fill-in player is required for finals the Team Manager must contact the relevant Boys or Girls Coordinator. The Club must comply with DVBA by-laws including player eligibility for finals. A request (including all relevant information) must be submitted to the DVBA Competitions Manager via the Committee requesting permission to play.

Published:  5 February 2020
Last Updated:  22 July 2022