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Laurimar Thunder Basketball Club

Most Valuable Player

Process and Guidelines

Each season the club awards a Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy to the Under 12 to 20 age groups. 

The following guidelines are in place to ensure each team follows the same fair process: 

  • The Coach and Scorer vote each week.  As all parents share the role of scoring this allows each family to participate in the process.
  • 3 points are allocated to the most valuable player of the day, 2 points to the second most valuable and 1 point to the third most valuable player. 
  • These votes are recorded on paper and placed into a sealed envelope for the Team Manager to collate and count at the end of the season. 
  • A committee member will contact the Team Manager when the season is nearing the end and ask them to count the votes and advise the winner.  Committee Members are happy to count votes on behalf of the Team Manager.   


  • There can be more than one winner.
  • Electronic votes are not permitted, this includes text messages, email or social media.  Feedback from past seasons indicate that parents prefer the anonymity of enclosing votes in a sealed envelope, rather than visibly handing in their votes and potentially opening themselves to scrutiny.
  • Votes must be handed to the committee if requested, if this can’t be done, the votes and winner are null and void and the coach will be requested to choose the MVP.

Published:  23 January 2019
Last Reviewed:  25 February 2022