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Refund Policy

Registering to play with Laurimar Thunder Basketball Club (LTBC) signifies an ongoing commitment to the club for the upcoming season. The LTBC committee invests a significant amount of time and effort into many pre-season administrative tasks including, team selection, player registration, uniform ordering, booking of training venues and organising the training schedule. A player withdrawal after registration is very disruptive not only to individual teams but the age group as a whole and creates considerable work for the volunteers on our committee. The LTBC Refund Policy has been designed to mitigate the impact withdrawals have on the Club.

LTBC’s registration fees are inclusive of teams registration in the DVBA competition, game fees, venue training hire fees and other associated running costs. Registration fees are used to pay up-front costs and ongoing monthly or ad-hoc costs incurred by the club throughout the season.

Basketball Victoria has introduced an annual Participation Licence Fee. This fee covers the participant’s insurance for all basketball competitions in Victoria for 12 months. Basketball Victoria will collect this fee once a year via the registration process.  A refund for this licence fee must be done via Basketball Victoria.

A refund of game fees will only be considered in extenuating circumstances. The Committee accompanied with the provision of necessary documentation will consider individual situations.

LTBC appreciates that occasionally there are genuine unforeseeable reasons that players may need to withdraw from playing out the season. If this occurs the Registration Coordinator must be contacted at to discuss.


Refund Policy

Withdrawal before teams announced – Application for a refund should be directed to the club’s Registration Coordinator and will incur a $20 administration fee.

Withdrawal after teams announced and prior to season start – A Player withdrawal at this stage significantly impacts teams and creates additional work for the coaching panel, committee and coaches. Team registrations, insurances & training hire costs have already been paid by the club based on the registration so as such Registration fees are non-refundable.  Application for a refund should be directed to the club’s Registration Coordinator and will incur a $60 administration fee.

Withdrawal after season start – Once the season commences, player withdrawals are extremely disruptive to teams and place teams at risk of possible walkover/forfeit fines. Emergency players are often required to create additional work for coaches, team managers and the coaching panel. Registration fees are non-refundable and as a consequence of late withdrawal, no game fee refunds are payable once the season begins.

Medical withdrawal – If the withdrawal of a player is due to medically related circumstances and the provision of the necessary documentation is provided, a pro-rata refund of game fees may apply. Registration fees are non-refundable. The Committee on its merit will assess each case. Please contact to discuss.

Player placement failure – A full refund will be issued if the LTBC is unable to place a player in a team in the designated age group.

Failure to secure a coach – A full refund will be issued if the LTBC is unable to secure a coach for the team a player is placed in.

Refunds are not given for:

  • Dislike of the team into which the player has been selected
  • Dislike of the allocated coach
  • Unavailability to train at the allocated time/day
  • Preferences not being met e.g. not playing with friends
  • Dislike of the grade in which the team is playing in
  • Dislike of the low team number designated
    Other sport/social commitments
  • Change of mind by players/parents
    Parent/coach given lower ranked team than expected

PLEASE NOTE: Clearances / Transfers between competing Clubs will NOT be issued if any payments are outstanding once registered (including withdrawal) or club assets not returned.

Published:  9 November 2015
Last Updated:  25 February 2022