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Team Selection Policy U8-10

Our objective is to create a positive learning atmosphere for our members by developing players and team skills in a competitive environment with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.


Our Under 8’s and 10’s children will be placed into teams via their Date of Birth (D.O.B). All Under 8’s and 10’s children registering into our club will be placed into their respective teams by D.O.B.  This will minimise player movements within teams and allow players to create stronger friendships and relationships with their peers and coaches. For example, any child born between January to June in 2016 will be placed into different teams to children born between July to December, that way they move through age groups together. At certain times due to registration numbers, this may not always be achievable but will be the first priority when selecting teams.

In addition, the Team Selection Committee may use the following criteria to determine best fit teams:

  • Coaches feedback
  • Coaching Director’s feedback (including consultation with Boys and Girls Coordinators).

Maximum of 8 Players per Team

This is in place to ensure our members, when playing in a team environment, are allowed as much court time as possible. On some occasions, it may be necessary to place additional or fewer players in a team. Teams with 9 players will only be formed if the club is unable to create an additional team.

Equal Court Time

All coaches are instructed that every player receives the same amount of court time by using a rotation sheet. We strongly believe that every player deserves the same court time as the next, with no exceptions. This ensures that all players receive a chance to develop and shine as they hone their unique set of skills on game day. It also ensures that players, parents, coaches and team managers can enjoy the game without having to worry about some players missing out.

Age Groups

Age Groups are set by the Diamond Valley Basketball Association (DVBA). Players can move up an age group one season early:

  • If there is availability in the above age group, and
  • It doesn’t negatively impact the player’s current age group (for example, leave a team short in numbers).
The Team Selection Committee will consider other applications if a family believes there is extenuating circumstances that should be taken into consideration. Each case will be considered on its merits. 

Team Grading 

Under 8’s: At the start of each season the club nominates each team into a specific grade. The DVBA grade the Under 8 teams every 5 weeks throughout the season and will move teams up or down according to their ability.
Under 10’s: LTBC put forward their best teams as: team 1, 2 etc. At the start of each season the club nominates each team into a specific grade. DVBA’s Grade Secretaries review the performance of teams throughout the first 5-6 weeks of grading and determines the grade to which each team should be assigned. They endeavour to have all teams placed into a grade in which they will be competitive. The club does not have input into the final grade that DVBA place each team.

All enquiries regarding team placement are to be directed to the Coaching Director and/or relevant Age Group Coordinator.

Published:  October 2015
Last Updated:  25 February 2022