Laurimar Thunder

Laurimar Thunder Basketball Club

Laurimar Thunder Basketball Club

Vision & Values


Our objective is to create a fun and safe club atmosphere for our members by providing a supportive environment, encouraging development of players and team skills, combined with professional club policies to enhance the experience of playing basketball.


We want to be identified by these characteristics: 

  • Competitive
  • Friendly
  • Great sportsmanship
  • United
  • Consistent

We expect our players, parents, coaches and officials to abide by these expectations:


  • Allow the coach to coach
  • Only encourage players
    No commenting at or toward the referees
  • Assist the coaches in driving the key behaviours expected of all involved with the club


We want to be identified by these characteristics:

  • Best efforts at training always
  • Listen to the coach
  • Support and encourage teammates
  • Be competitive for every minute of the game, never give up
  • Never argue with the referees
  • Always show great sportsmanship to the other team
  • Winning is not the main result, playing the right style of basketball is


  • Support and encourage players at all times
  • Never argue with the referees
  • Come prepared to every training session, ready to teach
  • Encourage, encourage and encourage
  • Don’t coach players on the court, coach one on one when they are on the bench in their rotation
  • Play Man to Man defence, not zone
  • Be the custodian of the expected behaviours, drive the disciplines with parental support